What are you passionate about?

Are you currently in a place in your life or career that you can freely exhibit or illustrate your passion frequently?

In other words, are you working at a job you are passionate about? Or are you even doing something you enjoy? Or have you subdued your passion in exchange for something that only fills the basic human needs?

Unfortunately, most of us are probably in the second category where we are just filling our basic human needs. I am going to assume that most of us want to do something that we are passionate about, something that is also rewarding and fulfilling that we can be proud of and fully enjoy. Not to say that all of us will ever be able to do what we are passionate about, however, I will say that if you are able to do what makes you happy then I encourage you to go for it and do it. For me, I want to be doing something I am passionate about and enjoy rather than doing something just to pay the bills or to only fill those basic human needs. The bottom line is that we only have one life to live and that we should try to live it to the fullest, so I will repeat my initial questions. What are you are passionate about?