I’m Dr. Joe Hamlett and I want to assist you with your Development!

Dr. Hamlett is a coach and consultant in the areas of career development, personal development and leadership development. He specializes in coaching early, mid and late career professionals, transitioning military and veterans as they navigate their career, personal, professional growth and development.

Deciding to further his education ignited an unwavering spark in him to try every day to be the best version of himself. Since that day 17 years ago he vowed to Take Control of His Life and to be the best version of himself. He also vowed to help as many people as he can realize they have the potential to be great!

Dr. Joe Hamlett the CEO of Leading 2 Change Consulting is a personal development, leadership and career development subject-matter expert. Seventeen years ago, based on his own opinion of himself he believed he was just an average Joe; it wasn’t until he finally opened his eyes to the possibilities of who he could be and what he could achieve.

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