Holding Back

Are you giving an honest effort when it comes to realizing your dream?

Or are you holding yourself back because it may not align with where you are in your life and or career today?

It may not necessarily be a dream that you are not giving an honest effort, it may just be you are holding back for lack of confidence, fear of failure or the unknown or it could be that you just choose to hold back for your own personal reasons. For years I held back for so many reasons and to be honest with you I have made so many excuses to hold myself back that I can’t even remember most of the reasons why I held myself back. The reality is that it finally dawned on me that I was doing myself a grave injustice by holding back and not going after the things that I wanted for myself and my family.

The question is, why was I choosing to hold myself back, because as most of us know, time is precious, and we will never get that waisted time back. With that said, we only have one life to live and holding back will get you nowhere. If you are holding back, I encourage you to let go, pursue your dreams and goals, get comfortable and push yourself to the limit! The bottom line is life is short, so stop holding back, let go and live life it to the fullest!

What do you have to lose?