Do you second-guess the decisions you make?

Are you constantly flipping back and forth when faced with difficult decisions?

If you are doing so, you are likely doing yourself a huge disservice. Every time you doubt or second-guess your decisions you chip away at your confidence level and your ability to make decisions and in many cases, you will allow yourself to second-guess your way out of the equation altogether. Have faith in your decision, if anything allow yourself to make a decision even if it is not the right decision for that situation, at the very least you will gain something out of the experience.

There are many benefits associated with making decisions and sticking with it, one benefit that is immediately realized has to do with the quicker you decide even if it does not work out, the quicker you can move on to the next option or proceed knowing that decision is out of the way. In other words, the more you second-guess your decisions the more you lessen your forward progress and ability to move forward. In most cases our instincts will kick in and help us with decision making so my recommendation is to pay attention to those “gut feelings” when faced with decisions. Of course, I am not recommending you throw caution to the wind and decide solely on your gut feeling, I am however, suggesting you take into account your gut feeling is real and should be considered! Stop second-guessing yourself, you got this!