Have you recently experienced anything you would consider to be a major or minor breakthrough?

If so, are you capitalizing on that momentum and exploring the chances of having more breakthroughs?

In many cases, if we choose to integrate that momentum into our normal activities and daily routines you have a much better chance of proceeding to the next breakthrough. Of course, we should not expect that the success experienced in a previous breakthrough will guarantee success or another major breakthrough is likely to occur in current or future endeavors, but rather we should think in terms of not having to start over to get you to an excitement level that already exists. It has been my experience that it is much easier to resume where you left off rather than trying to reestablish the momentum and manufacture new excitement towards a new venture.

I encourage you to continue feeding and ride that breakthrough wave as a way to change that initial breakthrough into something that you are able to sustain on a regular basis. Although it is nice to experience a rise in performance, stature, awareness or whatever the case may be, it has been my experience that sustaining that breakthrough behavior or feeling will lead to further breakthroughs and further sustainment.

How do you turn your breakthrough into something more sustainable?