Do you find yourself reacting to situations more than being proactive?

Many of us have probably been in situations where we are forced to react rather than relying on our ability to be proactive, if that is the case more than likely, you are already behind the curve when the situation occurs. If we are not able to thwart off a potential problem, often times we find ourselves in a position to deal with it and ultimately that lessens the likelihood of positively impacting the situation, which in-turn results in having to deal with an unknown outcome. Not saying that we can anticipate every situation we might be faced with; I just encourage you to think beyond what is happening today and place some focus on being prepared.

However, if we are forced to react, we still have the opportunity to plan the appropriate course of action rather than respond with haste, thereby possibly being a position that worsens the situation rather than improve it. In either case, we can still control the narrative to a certain degree, of course if you are reacting after the fact, you may be in a situation where you have little or no recourse but to act in a certain. By the same token, if granted the opportunity to plan or prepare for a potential situation use your time wisely and based on the information you have before you, make a decision that renders the best potential outcome for the variables that you have available.

Are you proactive or reactive?