Do you feel that you are in a comfortable enough state to make the necessary adjustments in your life when needed?

Or do you have to rely on someone or something else to dictate when it is time for you to adjust to a situation or circumstance?

Remember, if you are relying on someone or something else as your indicator for when it is time to adjust, you will likely be left at the mercy of someone else’s idea of what and how you will need to adjust. If you choose to allow someone else to make your decisions to adjust your life when they believe it is appropriate, more than likely it will not be in your best interest.

If you were not aware, we are all capable of amazing things thereby leading to our ability to adjust on our own terms, but of course we must be willing to take ownership of that ability and therefore we must accept full responsibility for the adjustment we make. I am not saying that you must do it alone, but rather that ultimately it should be your decision and you must be willing to accept that decision fully. As always, it all starts with you making the decision to take ownership of your life!

You decide when you need to adjust, of course you don’t have to do it alone, however, you should adjust based on your own needs and desires!