Are you constantly seeking the approval of others regarding your own success, progression in your career, or overall acceptance?

Regardless of what you have been led to believe or what might be practiced by those around you, the reality is that the only person that you need approval from is yourself.

In the past, many of us have gone with the notion that before we can acknowledge our own successes and achievements it must be approved by someone else before it is deemed true or acceptable. The truth is, that if you are relying on someone else to approve of your current situation or the current path you have chosen, you are granting them the authority to pass judgment on your decisions, which should rightfully be yours. So often, we have made tremendous strides that only pertain to our own successes, but we have allowed others to diminish those accomplishments by allowing them to cast their approval of our achievement.

That is why it remains very important that you decide what success means to you so that you remain the sole judge of your success, therefore only requiring your approval and no one else. If you still have questions about whether you need approval from someone else, I can assure you that you don’t need permission or approval from anyone, so live your life the way you see fit to live it, without judgment and approval from others.

No approval needed, so feel free to do you!