Do you have a network that consists of family members, close friends, and colleagues, or even business acquaintances?

In many cases, we believe we can achieve success and reach the milestones we set for ourselves all alone, but the reality is that we need people in our lives to assist us along the way. In other words, have you built a tribe of people you can trust, count on, confide in or even share your ups and downs with?

These are people you can go to when you need support during the bad times, or they can help you celebrate during the good times, or you may go to them to bounce ideas off of them when you are unsure. If you do not have a strong supportive network, you are missing out on a critical element needed to assist you with your development. Not to say you will not develop without a strong network, but rather it could be very challenging to do it alone.

Of course, I realize this may not come easy for everyone, however, with that said, I highly recommend you do your best at trying to establish a small network to assist you. When you think of places where you might find like-minded professionals working on development LinkedIn is a great place to get started with developing a strong and supportive community. Churches, other communities, and organizations might also be a great place to start building your network. If you still struggle with building a network, I encourage you to push through the uncomfortable feelings you might have so that you can feel the power of connecting with people.

Get started today and make some new connections!