Are you quick to respond to situations that disrupt your daily routines that may ultimately lead to affecting the quality of your life?

Or are you more inclined to hesitate when faced with a disruptive situation?

The fact is, in many cases, not reacting soon enough could be the difference between you coming out on top of the unexpected disruption or being negatively impacted by the disruption. Not to say that your first reaction or response is to immediately focus all efforts on the disruption, but rather you acknowledge the disruption exists and make plans to address the disruption at your earliest availability. With that been said, remember, when faced with any type of disruption in your life it is up to you to choose how you respond to the disruption.

So, the next time you are faced with an unexpected disruption in your life and your first instinct is to hesitate, I encourage you to act with a sense of urgency and take the necessary time to evaluate the disruption, but once the initial evaluation is done immediately take the necessary steps to react to the disruption that will likely result positively. If you choose not to respond to the disruption on your own terms, you will likely be subject to an outcome that may not end with your best interest in mind or favorable by your standards. So don’t wait too long nor should you opt out!

Don’t hesitate, respond accordingly to ensure you are able to manage the disruption to the best of your ability!