Giving Up

Have you recently experienced setbacks in your life?

Or are you facing obstacles and roadblocks that consistently get in your way? Has it led you to thinking about giving up?

Which by the way is a natural feeling, but before you give up and throw in the towel, I encourage you to take the appropriate time to regroup. This gives you the time to figure out your next move. With that said, I encourage you and highly recommend that you do not give up. We have all faced tough times and more than likely you will face tough times again. To survive the tough times one of the keys to overcoming the feeling of giving up is to choose this time to dust yourself off and turn the negative situation into a positive one.

During this time of despair and dealing with difficult situations we have at least two choices, one choice might appear to be the easiest, which is to accept our fate and play the victim. The second choice, which is my favorite and is highly recommended, is to meet this negative situation head on and claim the title of victor. Not saying that it will be easy, but choosing victor over victim allows you to turn the situation into a positive outcome rather than a negative one. Using this approach also ensures you remain in control, which lessens the chances of you giving up.

Remain in control! Be a victor and not a victim, don’t give up!